• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    The time has come again for our annual P.S.36 Dance Festival which will be held on Monday, June 10th. Our class will be performing a dance to the song I Like to Move It by Will.I.Am, in connection to the culture of Africa, since this song was reintroduced in the famous DreamWorks Animation movies of Madagascar, a region of the African continent.  Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the dance performance, as all students are expected to participate (unless parents send a note stating otherwise).

    The girls and boys are expected to wear shorts for the bottom (nothing too short), sneakers for comfort, and a white, red or green T-shirt as the top (no tank tops). The option is yours. The girls should have a braided ponytail for their hairstyle.  

    Please make sure to have your child practice the dance routine daily (the steps are at the back of this letter), the link below will direct you to the youtube video with the dance steps and song. On the day of the dance festival please have your child bring a plastic water bottle and a towel to sit on, as the festival will be in the school playground. Time is to be announced (check the H.W. sheet for that week or June School Bulletin Board, check the school/class webpage).

    We hope to see you at the festival to encourage your child, their practice, and their dedication to the art of dance!

    Educationally Yours,

    Ms. Velez

    School Webpage: https://www.ps36x.org/

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymigWt5TOV8

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  • Verbal Call of Steps

    • Starting Position: Legs spread, hands at waist, leaning towards the right side


      • Bobbing the head and knee 6x right
    • Switch sides, do the same with the left 8X
      • Switch sides, do the same 8x right
      • Switch sides, do the same 6x left


    • Switch to the right
      • 2 stomps with the right feet and circling hands 2x
    • Switch to the left
      • 2 stomps with the left feet and circling hands 2x
    • Repeat 7x
    • Jump up with raised hands
    • Stomp & circles 7x


    • Position: Leaning towards your right leg. Open palm of right hand in a wiping motion 2x
    • Leaning towards your left leg, open hand 2x
    • Repeat on the right 2x, repeat on the left 2x


    • Position: Leaning towards your right leg. Make a fist with your right hand and pump up and down 2x
    • Repeat step for the left side 2x, right 2x, left 2x

    Back to WIPING HANDS

    • Right 2x, left 2x, right 2x, left 2x

    Back to Pumping

    • Right 2x, Left 2x, Right 2x, LEFT FIST UP, and raise both hands up open palm for transition**


    • Position: Leaning towards your left, waving hands left, shift to the right, wave hands to the right. Repeat 16x

    2x STOMP & CIRCLES per side

    • 10x

    JUMP UP with Hands in the Air followed by STOMP & CIRCLES 14x and JUMP


    • Position: Feet spread at center, Right fist up while the other goes down, 15x

    JUMP UP and

    MONKEY BAR GRIP 15x and

    WAVING HANDS 8x and


    • Position: Waving the right hand like a lasso above the head, jumping with legs bent and spread in a spun around motion (22 jumps) and
    • STOMP & CIRCLES 14x and JUMP UP and MONKEY BAR GRIPS 16x, WAVING HANDS 10x and FOLD (hands cross ending, leaning to the right)





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