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    Thank you so much for visiting our Technology Page and investing in your child's education. I am pleased to be working with all of the students of P.S. 36x and supporting their education in Technology. This year we will continue to learn and grow together as we strive to reach our goals. My hope is to help all of our students prepare for a life filled with technology in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. All students will improve their basic knowledge of the keyboard and use of the mouse, continue a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Power Point, begin to use Apple Short Cuts to enhance the work they develop during class with technology, learn the basics of Coding, complete an art project with graphic design, develop stronger writing skills, complete research projects using Google, use video powerpoints on Adobe Spark, and improve public speaking by presenting projects to peers and adults. In addition, we will continue building our relationship with Apple by taking field trips to their 14th street store in Manhattan and having workshops where we practice coding and controlling robots with technology. We will also visit the Museum of Moving Images to bring technology in the arts to real life as we see how movies, voice overs, and animation are created. This should be a very exciting year! Stay tuned and keep in touch.



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